Save up to INR 3000 on the GRE Exam

16 Apr 2024
Save up to INR 3000 on the GRE Exam | Abroad Cube

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test commonly used for admission to graduate and business schools in the United States and other countries. It measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. The test is designed to assess individuals' ability to succeed in graduate-level academic work, and it is accepted worldwide in all universities or colleges.

The GRE General Exam costs Rs 22,550, including GST in India. But, using some methods, you can easily save up to Rs 3000 on your GRE Exam Fees.

To avail of this discount, you have 3 methods with a minimum Rs 999 discount guaranteed. 

  1. GRE Discount Codes
  2. GRE Exam Vouchers
  3. GRE Exam Booking


GRE Discount Codes

ETS GRE usually runs marketing campaigns and provides discount codes up to Rs 1000. However, based on an exclusive partnership between ETS GRE and Abroad Cube, you can avail of an instant Rs 1770 discount, bringing the final cost down to Rs 20,780 for Indian Students. 

Agent Name: McCarthy AI Pvt Ltd (Abroad Cube)
Agent ID: IND00438
Promo Code - 401059B1A89134FA


GRE Exam Vouchers

The second option is to purchase a prepaid GRE Voucher from an authorized vendor and use the voucher code as a payment method while booking your upcoming exam on the GRE website. Depending on ongoing offers, this method offers a discount of Rs 2000 to Rs 2500. ETS provides voucher codes to its authorized vendors so they are acceptable and safe. Buy your GRE Exam Voucher now at the best price

How to use the GRE Exam Voucher?

  1. Create an account on the ETS website or Login
  2. Start Registration & Choose Exam Edition
  3. Choose the Test Center, Date and Time
  4. Enter our Agent Code: IND00438 for a smooth process
  5. Enter your Unique Voucher Code on the payment page
  6. Proceed with Booking


GRE Exam Booking

The cheapest option to book your GRE Exam is to opt for Exam Booking. In this option, you will not receive a voucher; instead, a representative from an authorized vendor will help you book the exam. You must share your username, password, and preferred test details, such as the mode of the exam and the date and time. The process will not take more than 30 minutes and will save you some amount. Buy your GRE Exam Booking now at the best price

How to use GRE Exam Booking?

  1. Add the GRE Booking to your Cart
  2. Fill in your basic details and make the payment Online
  3. Get Instant payment confirmation on WhatsApp and Email address
  4. Add our Agent Code to your Profile or Share Login Credentials
  5. Share your preferred Exam Center, Date and Time for Booking
  6. Get Confirmation of your Exam Booking


Buy your GRE Exam Vouchers and GRE Exam Bookings from authorized vendors like Abroad Cube. As per ETS, it is legal for students to pay for the exam booking via vouchers instead of traditional payment methods if purchased from authorized vendors. A question might pop up in your mind: How are these authorized vendors providing vouchers at a discount? The answer is that they purchase vouchers from ETS in bulk (~500) at hefty discounts and thus sell them at a discount to students with attractive offers. So, you can easily get up to Rs 3000 on the GRE Exam by using Abroad Cube's Exam Vouchers. 

If you need any help regarding GRE Exam Vouchers or booking your GRE Exam, please get in touch with our Customer Support. 

If you plan to take the TOEFL Exam, a similar hack can Save you up to Rs 4000 on your upcoming TOEFL exam


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