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Best Bank for Canada GIC Account

Which bank is best for opening a GIC Account for Canada.

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  • Rahul Singla
  • 1 year ago

If we compare the banks upon best service, the most number of branches, and the highest rate of interest, then RBC Bank is the best for Student GIC Account. They have more than 1200 branches and an interest rate of 4.55%, whereas CIBC has a 0.5% interest rate. So, on a GIC of $10000, you will be $455 as interest in RBC Bank and $50 in CIBC bank. If we talk about program fees, RBC Bank has only $50 extra than CIBC. In all comparisons, RBC is the best for the Student GIC account for Canada. 

You can now apply for RBC GIC Account through Abroad Cube, free of charge, and avail yourself of a 4.55% interest rate.

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