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Can we really get a loan to pay tuition fees as an international student in Canada ?

Can we really get a loan to pay tuition fees as an international student in Canada?

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  • Tejas Ravi
  • 1 year ago

You can take an Education Loan to fund your Studies in Canada. An Education Loan is an acceptable source of funds as per IRCC. You can choose an Education Loan to support your Tuition Fees, Travelling and Living Expenses. Surprisingly, many students opt for an Education Loan. Several banks & NBFCs are available to offer you an Education Loan to study worldwide, such as HDFC Credila, Auxilo, Credenc, Avanse, InCred, SBI Bank, and so on. To get a Study Loan for Study in Canada, contact Abroad Cube and get your loan processed within a week.

  • Ankita Kumari
  • 8 months ago

Yes, you can get a loan to pay your tuition fees as an international student in Canada. I also took an education loan for studying abroad and it made my life a lot easier. From my experience, this loan helped me stay independent and offered the financial aid I needed in my college life. I took this loan from a non-banking financial company called Avanse Financial Services that it changed my life for good. They offered me guidance throughout the loan process, making it easy and convenient for me. Additionally, their loan covered my tuition fee as well as accommodation and other expenses related to my studies. As an international student, I did not have to struggle for everything and had assistance throughout my degree course. I recommend you check out other loan providers as well to ensure that you benefit from the best education loan available in the market.

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