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Fintiba vs Expatrio blocked account

Hello everyone, it's Mehak, and I have a query regarding the fintiba and expatrio blocked account for a Germany study visa. I need clarification about which bank is the best for both. Experts, please give me the brief detail of both banks as soon as possible.

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  • Ishu Rani
  • 1 year ago

Both Fintiba and Expatrio have blocked account providers in Germany. A blocked account works as a source of funds which international students who went to Germany for higher education need. Here are some differences between Expatrio and Fintiba :

  1. Application Process: The application process for Fintiba and Expatrio is online. The processing speed of Fintiba and Expatrio differs as Fintiba processes instantly after completing an online application, whereas Expatrio processes in one day.
  2. Fees: The fee charged by Expatrio is €209 which includes a program fee of €49, a monthly cost of €5*12 = €60, and a buffer amount of €100. In contrast, Fintiba charges €247.8, where the program fee costs €89, the monthly fee € 4.9*12= 58.8, and the buffer amount is €100. The buffer amount will be credited to German Account if unutilized.
  3. Under 18 years: Expatrio doesn't allow students under 18 years to open a blocked account with their company, but Fintiba allows students under 18 years to open a blocked account.
  4. Refund charges: If a student wants a refund from the company, they have to pay refund charges. Both companies have different refund charges. Expatrio does not charge any fee if cancellation is due to Visa Rejection.

Ultimately, the choice between Fintiba and Expatrio depends on your needs. If you want instant processing, then Fintiba is better. But if you want to go cheaply, then Expatrio is a good option.

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