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Fintiba vs ICICI Blocked Account

Knock knock! Hey, Sahil here. I will soon be moving to Germany, so I want to know the best bank between Fintiba and ICICI. Can any of you help me?

  • Blocked Account
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  • Ashwin Garg
  • 11 months ago

Although both Fintiba and ICICI have many features and provide blocked accounts, there are still a few differences between them. So here are some of the differences:

  • Program fees: Students must pay a fee to open the blocked account. The program fee varies from company to company. Fintiba charges € 89, and ICICI charges € 150.
  • Fees: The monthly fee for Fintiba is € 4.9, whereas ICICI’s monthly payment is free of cost.
  • Age acceptability: Fintiba accepts students under 18, but ICICI does not take students under 18. 
  • Processing time: Fintiba processes the blocked account instantly, whereas ICICI takes one day to process the blocked account.
  • Refund Charges: In case of a refund, the company deducts the refund charges. Refund charges charged by Fintiba are € 89, and ICICI €25 to 150.
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