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Fintiba vs RemitX blocked account

Hi everyone, it's Jasleen here. I would like to know the variation between Fintiba and RemitX for opening the blocked account. Can anyone help me in choosing the best bank among both of them?

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  • Hameed Sheikh
  • 11 months ago

Yes, I have a solution to your problem; as we know, every student who wishes to study in Germany must have a blocked account. Well, various companies provide blocked accounts to international students. Here, we will mainly discuss the different features of Fintiba and Remitx

  • Program Fee: The program fee charged by both Fintiba and Remitx is € 89. 
  • Fees: The fee structure of Fintiba and Remitx doesn't make much difference as the monthly fee for Fintiba is € 4.9 and for Remitx is € 5. 
  • Age acceptability: Fintiba is the only company that accepts students under 18, whereas Remitx does not take students under 18.
  • Processing time: Fintiba processes the blocked account instantly, whereas Remitx takes two days to process the application of the blocked account.
  • Refund Charges: Fintiba and Remitx charges the same amount, i.e., € 89.

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