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German blocked account providers

Hello everyone, I am Tejas. I am planning to go to Germany for my higher studies, I need to open a blocked account. Can anyone tell me about the exact purpose of opening blocked account and the providers of blocked account in Germany ?

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  • Aarush Sharma
  • 1 year ago

The German Federal Government requires blocked accounts for international students moving to Germany for educational purposes. A blocked account serves as proof of the financial stability of a student. The purpose of the blocked account is to cover living expenses while you are studying in Germany. There are mainly five best companies that you can contact to open your blocked account;

Coracle: Opening a blocked account with Coracle saves you money. As Coracle costs €0 monthly fee and €0 buffer amount, you must pay only €99 as program fees. Apply Now

Expatrio: Expatrio is considered the best company as it costs a minimum program fee compared to other companies. You must only pay €49 as the program fee,€5*12=€60 as the monthly fee, and €100 as the buffer amount. So, you must pay €209 to activate your blocked account. Apply Now

Fintiba: Fintiba has the minimum processing speed as it instantly approves your documentation and issues a Confirmation Certificate. You must pay €89 as a program fee, €4.9*12=€58.8 as a monthly fee, and a buffer amount of €100. So, the total amount you have to pay €247.8 to start your blocked account. One unique service provided by only Fintiba is that it allows students under 18 to open their blocked accounts with Fintiba. Apply Now

Remitx: Remitx has a slow processing speed. It costs the same program fee and buffer amount as Fintiba. You must pay a buffer amount of €100, a program fee of €89, and a monthly fee of €5*12=€60. The total amount that you must pay €249 to activate your blocked account. Apply Now

ICICI: ICICI is also as quick as Fintiba. It costs €100 buffer amount and €0 monthly fee. You must pay a program fee of €150 to ICICI for your blocked account activation. Apply Now

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