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Germany blocked account amount increase

Greetings, my name is Arman. I plan to go to Germany for my higher education and need to open a blocked account as per my university’s requirements. I am confused about the amount I should pay for a blocked account. Can anyone help me and tell me the exact amount I have to pay? 

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  • Hameed Sheikh
  • 1 year ago

Before 1st January 2023, international students who wish to study in Germany must pay €10,332 as a blocked account. But from 1st January 2023 blocked account amount of €10,332 was increased by 8.5 per cent. Now, a student must pay €11,208 as a blocked account amount. Due to the increased blocked account amount, the monthly withdrawal is also increased from €861 to €934, which a student gets after they arrive in Germany from the bank.  

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