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How can an Indian pay fees in a Canadian university ?

How can an Indian pay fees in a Canadian university ?

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  • Anjali Murthy
  • 1 year ago

There are manifold ways to pay the university fee if you are living in Canada, such as Interac, Credit and Debit cards, and several other banking services are also available in the market. However, if you have to transfer money from India, choose the online mode as it is a fast mode of payment with less paperwork. Abroad Cube is the best opportunity for students who want transparency of work as they have partnered with RBI-authorized Money Exchangers, which have the lowest exchange rate and transfer the funds on the same day. Most students do not choose offline modes of payment because of their tedious process and hefty charges.

After paying the fee to the college, the college gives the confirmation letter to you, which you have to submit along with your visa application. If you are already studying in Canada and want to pay your tuition fee, you must pay the same from the local bank transfer. Despite this, you can also pay your tuition fee with the help of credit and debit cards which is also an easy task for them. International students looking to get money from their parents to pay college fees should choose to use an online mode of payment, such as International Money Transfer through Abroad Cube

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