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How can students take out health insurance in Germany ?

How can students take out health insurance in Germany ?

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  • Tejas Ravi
  • 1 year ago

Students who want to Study in Germany can apply for health insurance from India & other countries and activate it after arriving in Germany. Health insurance is mandatory for all international students. Students under 30 must choose public health insurance as they are not eligible for private health insurance. To buy health insurance, follow the given steps;

  1. You need to apply for health insurance after getting an admission letter from a German University and before applying for a visa application.
  2. You can visit BARMER, AOK, TK, or DAK's official website to register for health insurance. Fill in all the details and upload the scanned copy of your passport and the university's admission letter.
  3. You can download preliminary approval required for the Visa application instantly. 
  4. After arriving in Germany, you have to share your IBAN account details and activate the Health Insurance. 
  5. After getting approval, the public health insurance premium amount will be deducted from your bank account each month. 

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