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How to open a Germany Blocked Account with Coracle ?

How to open a Germany Blocked Account with Coracle ?

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  • Ashwin Garg
  • 1 year ago

Opening a blocked account with Coracle in Germany is relatively easy as the whole process is online and trouble-free. You can follow the given steps to open your blocked account with Coracle:

First, visit the official website of Coracle and gather all the required details regarding the bank. Now, see the blocked account section and appeal for opening a blocked account by completing the online application.

After completing the online application, upload the scanned copy of your passport, University admission letter, and photographs.

Once you are done with the documentation, read and accept all the terms and conditions and click on apply option.

Bank will respond to your application within 2 hours if you have applied during working hours. Otherwise, it will take up to 24 hours.

Once the bank approves your application, the bank will share the account details where you have to deposit your amount, which includes a fixed amount of €11208, a program fee of €99, and a buffer amount. Coracle bank costs €0 buffer amount, so you must pay €11307.

After depositing your amount, the bank will issue a Confirmation Certificate. You will need this Certificate in Germany to activate your current account.

While in Germany, you need to open your Current account to receive the installments of €11208 you paid earlier. Bank will release the amount of €11208 in twelve installments during the first year of your studies in Germany.

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