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Is Health insurance mandatory for student visa in Germany ?

Is Health insurance mandatory for student visa in Germany ?,

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  • Manisha Punjabi
  • 8 months ago

Indeed, Students have to purchase health insurance as it is necessary for all international students, except Europeans, to submit study visa applications because the Higher Authorities of Germany require Health Insurance for Student Visa applications. Moreover, the student can purchase health insurance from any public insurance company, as students have to pay around €115-€120 per month, which varies based on Company and Age. Applicants above 30 must get private health insurance, as Public Health Insurance is unavailable. Companies such as BARMAR, AOK, TK, DAK and so on are famous companies. Every applicant expects Europeans to purchase health insurance and submit proof of medical insurance covering the entire stay in Europe or Germany. The Students can book their public health insurance online, and payment starts once they land in Germany. 

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