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Is Health insurance mandatory for student visa in Germany ?

Is Health insurance mandatory for student visa in Germany ?,

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  • Manisha Punjabi
  • 1 year ago

Indeed, Students have to purchase health insurance as it is necessary for all international students, except Europeans, to submit study visa applications because the Higher Authorities of Germany require Health Insurance for Student Visa applications. Moreover, the student can purchase health insurance from any public insurance company, as students have to pay around €115-€120 per month, which varies based on Company and Age. Applicants above 30 must get private health insurance, as Public Health Insurance is unavailable. Companies such as BARMAR, AOK, TK, DAK and so on are famous companies. Every applicant expects Europeans to purchase health insurance and submit proof of medical insurance covering the entire stay in Europe or Germany. The Students can book their public health insurance online, and payment starts once they land in Germany. 

  • suravaram raghavendra
  • 5 months ago

It's correct that health insurance is a crucial requirement for international students in Germany, including those pursuing medical studies. Germany has a well-structured healthcare system, and students are required to have health insurance coverage during their entire stay in the country.

Here are some additional points and tips regarding health insurance for international students in Germany:

  1. Compulsory Health Insurance: Most students under the age of 30 are required to have statutory health insurance, which is provided by public health insurance companies (e.g., BARMER, AOK, TK, DAK). The cost is approximately €115-€120 per month.
  2. Private Health Insurance for Students Above 30: If you are above 30 years old, you may not be eligible for public health insurance, and private health insurance becomes mandatory.
  3. Proof of Health Insurance for Visa Application: When applying for a student visa, it is necessary to provide proof of health insurance coverage. This is a crucial step in the visa application process.
  4. Booking Health Insurance Online: Many insurance companies allow students to book their health insurance online. It's important to do this before arriving in Germany to ensure that you meet all visa requirements.
  5. Payment Starts Upon Arrival: The payment for health insurance typically starts once you arrive in Germany. Make sure to activate your insurance upon arrival to ensure continuous coverage.
  6. Duration of Coverage: Health insurance should cover the entire duration of your stay in Germany. Ensure that your coverage meets the requirements set by the authorities.
  7. European Students and Health Insurance: European students may be exempt from the requirement to purchase health insurance in Germany if they have European Health Insurance. However, it's essential to check the specific regulations based on your country of origin.

Before purchasing health insurance, carefully review the terms and conditions of the policy to ensure it meets your needs and complies with the visa requirements. Additionally, it's advisable to contact the university's international office or the local authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding health insurance for international students.

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