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Processing time for opening a Blocked Account for Germany in India

Three days ago, I applied for Germany blocked account with ICICI bank. Now, I am waiting for an update regarding whether my account has been opened. What is the process to open a blocked account, and how long does it take?

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  • Ashwin Garg
  • 1 year ago

The processing time for opening a blocked account from India depends on your selected bank. Five companies you can open your blocked account via namely, Remitx, Expatrio, Coracle, Fintiba & ICICI. Among these companies, Fintiba and ICICI start your blocked account immediately after verifying all the documents. In contrast, if applied during working hours, Coracle activates your blocked account within two hours. Otherwise, it might take 24 hours, whereas companies like Remitx and Expatrio take up to one to two days to open your blocked account. 

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