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RemitX vs Expatrio Blocked account

Hello everyone; Aditya here. What is the difference between RemitX and Expatrio for opening a blocked account?

  • Blocked Account
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  • Aarush Sharma
  • 11 months ago

Yes, here's the solution to your question. Let's see the variation that takes place between RemitX and Expatrio.

  • Program fee: The program fee is comparatively higher for RemitX than Expatrio as ReitX costs € 89 and Expatrio costs € 49.
  • Monthly fee: The monthly payment for both RemitX and Expatrio is the same, i.e., € 5.
  • Processing time: Expatrio processes the application of blocked accounts instantly, whereas RemitX takes two days.
  • Cost of Refund: Expatrio imposes a higher refund fee than RemitX, as Expatrio charges € 109 and RemitX charges € 89.
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