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What is a blocked account in Germany ?

What is a blocked account in Germany ?

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  • Ashwin Garg
  • 1 year ago

A blocked account is a particular type for international students who proceed to Germany for studies. The purpose of opening the blocked account is that a student can cover all the living expenses throughout the first year of their studies. The blocked account serves as proof of funds and ensures that students have sufficient funds to cover their domestic costs.

The blocked account is opened with a German bank via a German company that the bank is partnered with. To start your blocked account, you must visit the official website of the company you selected to open your account and complete the online application. After getting approval from the bank for account opening, you must transfer €11208 plus €49 to €150 as program fees to the German bank account. No one can access the amount in the blocked account until the student arrives in Germany. The bank will secure this amount of €11208 in the student's account. 

Once you land in Germany, you must provide proof of your residential status to the bank. And the bank will disburse the amount of €11208 to your linked current account in twelve(12) monthly installments, where the student receives €934 every month in the first year. 

If you have any questions/concerns, you can reach out to Abroad Cube and apply for your Blocked account at no additional charges.

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