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When is a GIC account required for Canada ?

When is a GIC account required for Canada ?

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  • Gita Bhagat
  • 1 year ago

A GIC account is mandatory for international students from certain countries, such as India, going to Canada under the SDS (Student Direct Stream) program. A Student should apply for a GIC account after receiving the offer letter from the College/University and before applying for their student visa, as you have to upload a GIC Certificate while using. Of all banks authorized for GIC accounts, the RBC Bank is best because their interest rate (4.55%) is the highest in the market and has the lowest processing time of 2 days. 

If you open your  GIC account in RBC Bank through Abroad Cube you will get up to CA$457 extra as interest and get your GIC Certificate within 1 day. 

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