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Best method to transfer money to Blocked Account in Germany

Hi everyone, I am a student in 12 class and want to pursue my higher education in Germany. For that, I want to know the best way to transfer my funds to my blocked account from India. Can anybody help me?

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  • Gita Bhagat
  • 1 year ago

There are numerous methods to transfer your amount to a blocked account. The way of sharing depends on the payment amount, location, etc. Here are some commonly used transfer methods;

Wire Transfer through Banks: To make the Wire Transfer through established Banks, you are expected to follow a lengthy procedure. You have to visit the bank branch, submit countless documents and counter-signed them. They often charge a high exchange rate and 3-4 days to process your transaction. They usually have hidden charges that will be deducted after a few days of completing the transaction. 

Online Transfer through Abroad Cube: This is the most reliable payment option to transfer funds to a blocked account. They provide the market's best exchange rate and process your transaction on the same day with essential documents online. You must share your documents on Whatsapp/Email and deposit the funds in the RBI-Authorized Money Exchangers bank account. In the past, in comparison, the students saved up to Rs 15,000. 

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