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How to start a Germany Blocked Account with Expatrio ?

How to start a Germany Blocked Account with Expatrio ?

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  • Jasleen Kaur
  • 1 year ago

The blocked account is considered a particular type of bank account demanded by German authorities for international students to secure their study visas. Expatrio is often considered the best for a blocked account as it has a minimum program fee and maximum processing speed among all other companies. To open a blocked account with Expatrio in three easy steps, follow the given steps;

Visit the official website of the Expatrio, and request for a blocked account by completing the online application. The bank will approve your application within two hours if applied during working hours. Otherwise, it might take up to 24 hours.

After requesting for a blocked account, you can transfer the secured amount of €11208, program fees €49, buffer amount of €100, and monthly fee €5 *12 = €60. So, the total amount you have to deposit is €11417. You can transfer your money via wire transfer by RBI Authorized Money Exchangers. You can choose Abroad Cube for best exchange rate and quicker processing. 

The Expatrio will issue the 06 Confirmation required for Visa application as soon as they receive the funds. 

Upon arrival in Germany, the bank will activate your blocked account and give you options for other banks to start your Current account and transfer the funds on a monthly basis. This entire process will be done online, and the bank will begin to fund the amount of €934 to your account every month throughout your first year in Germany.  

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