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How to start a Germany Blocked Account with Fintiba ?

How to start a Germany Blocked Account with Fintiba ?

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  • Sakshi Bains
  • 1 year ago

Fintiba is an intermediary and technological company with a quick processing speed among all other banks—Fintiba partnered with Sutor Bank. As the German Federal Government approves, opening a blocked account with Fintiba is fast and safe. Fintiba is the only company that allows students of age under 18 to open a blocked account. The process of opening a blocked account is entirely online. To unlock your blocked account, follow the following steps;

 Visit the official website of Fintiba. Go to the blocked account section and provide your personal information about why you need a blocked account, your tax status, and contact information.

 After registration, answer all the questions you have been asked and submit the scanned copy of your passport's first and last page as proof of your identity. Now, wait for your blocked account to get activated. 

Once your blocked account is activated, you will receive an IBAN in your email and then transfer your blocked amount of €11208, program fees of €89, buffer amount of €100, and monthly payment of €4.9 *12 = €58.8. So, the total amount you have to deposit is €11455.8.

You can transfer your amount via wire transfer by RBI-authorized money exchangers. You can also prefer Abroad Cube to quickly transfer your funds at the best exchange rate. Fintiba has an instant processing time; once your bank receives the amount, it will send the Confirmation Certificate to your email.

You must register your German address and get your registration Certificate upon arrival in Germany. Fintiba bank will give you options of various banks in which you would like to start your current account.

Once you choose a bank for your current account, the bank will release the amount of €934 every month during your stay in Germany throughout the first year of your studies to cover your living expenses.  

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