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Should I transfer in INR or Euro for Blocked Account Germany ?

Last day, I applied for a blocked account with Expatrio, and the company gave me two options for transferring the amount (a) INR and (b) EURO. Can anyone help me to choose the best way and currency to transfer the payment? 

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  • Tejas Ravi
  • 1 year ago

You can transfer your blocked account amount in INR or Euro. Both currencies are acceptable to German banks. But, still, it is advisable to share your amount in Euro because of unfavorable exchange rates. The recipient in German banks may charge you a fee for converting your amount from INR to Euro. Therefore, transferring your funds in Euros is better to avoid extra charges and make sure that you are depositing the correct amount of payment. To make your International Money Transfer without any hassles, minimum exchange rate and same day processing, you should remit your funds through Abroad Cube. They compare the exchange rate from 5 different companies and provide you with the best quotation. 

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