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Transfer money to an Expatrio blocked account from India

A week back, I received a university admission letter, and after receiving the admission letter, I appealed to open a blocked account with Expatrio. Expatrio has approved my documents, and now, I am supposed to transfer money to Expatrio bank. Please tell me about the transfer of funds from India to Expatrio. 

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  • Aarush Sharma
  • 1 year ago

You can transfer money to Expatrio in Germany instantly and securely. You can follow the given procedure to send your money:

  • First, gather all the required information like IBAN(International Bank Account Number) and BIC(Bank Identifier Code) of the Expatrio blocked account.
  • Now choose a method for transferring the amount, be it a wire transfer, online transfer or transfer by authorized money exchangers by RBI. You should Abroad Cube for the best exchange rate and same day processing. Students save up to Rs 15,000 using Abroad Cube. 
  • Once you select the transfer method, initiate the amount to the blocked account. Also, provide the recipient's name, account number and bank information. 
  • After funding the amount, you can track the transfer through the transfer service's website.
  • Once the transfer is complete, confirm that the funds have been received in Expatrio's blocked account.

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