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Open your International Bank account from India and start using it as soon as you land in the new country. Connect with our experts today to know more about offers and cashbacks.

The Bank account is a must in the digital world. How about having a Bank account and Debit/Credit account before you reach the country and having access to the bank account from day 1? Yes, in 2024, it is possible with Abroad Cube.

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£0/ monthly

ICICI Bank UK Plc offers an Instant HomeVantage Current Account to British and Indian passport holders above the age of 18 years at Zero Cost. Account opening process is digital and can be done the applicant themselves. This account comes with a free contactless debit card which can be delivered in India or UK within 7-10 business days. This account attracts no penalty for non-maintenance of balances and can be used for day-to-day banking as well as for bulk transfers like university fee or rental payments.

Zero monthly fees
Free Debit Card
Safe & Secure
Dedicated Support
  1. Valid Passport (Indian or British)
  2. Selfie
How to open your ICICI UK Bank Account
  1. Click on the ICICI Bank Registration link
  2. Enter your details like Email, and password.
  3. Submit the Form and Validate the Email address
  4. Login with same Email and Password
  5. Enter your Name, Date of Birth, Nationality as per Passport
  6. Enter your Contact Number and proceed
  7. Fill in your passport details and submit
  8. Upload your Scanned copy of Passport and Selfie
  9. Please read and accept their Terms and Conditions


$0/ monthly
Free SIM Card

Zolve is a company that issues Bank Accounts and Credit Cards to students and working professionals planning to go to the USA or already staying there. Their Bank account comes with no upfront fees or minimum balance requirement. They do not need an SSN Number compared to established banks to process your Bank account. So, you can open your account from India and start using it as soon as you land in the USA.

No annual fees
International card
Safe & Secure
Dedicated Support

We have teamed up with Zolve to provide a free student sim card for USA with US Credit Card and Bank account as an exclusive offer. Please note, you are eligible for a Free SIM Card only if you apply for Zolve via Abroad Cube. The SIM card has with 1-month validity and includes

  • Unlimited calls to India
  • Unlimited domestic calls
  • Unlimited SMSs
  • 4GB internet data
  1. Passport
  2. Valid Visa
  3. Admission/Offer Letter from University/College
  4. PAN Card
How to open your Zolve account
  1. Click on the Zolve Register Link and enter the referral code if empty. (Referral Code: Abroadcube)
  2. Enter your Email address and password, and verify the email
  3. Please enter your Phone number and verify it through OTP. 
  4. Set the PIN of your choice to login into App
  5. Enter your full name and proceed
  6. Choose your purpose of travel, the tentative month of arrival and nationality over 3 different steps.
  7. In the following step, upload a scanned copy of your PAN Card, and fill in your full name, pan number, gender and DOB.
  8. Enter your Education related details such as Name of University, Course Type, Type of Degree, Duration, Tuition Fees, whether you tool Education Loan, Work Experience, date of travel, and residential address in your Home country. 
  9. After accessing your profile thoroughly, the system will display your Credit Card limit.
  10. On the next screen, you will be requested to upload a copy of your passport for your Bank account and a copy of your passport, visa, and i20 Form for the Credit Card.
  11. After the verification of your documents, you will be provided with account & Credit card details by Zolve.

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