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The best pre-approved credit card for International students to start building their credit history for a better future. Make your spending through a credit card and earn attractive rewards.

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Best Credit Cards for Students in USA

Zolve offers a Credit Card to Students, US residents and working professionals who are staying in the US or planning to come. This will help newcomers build their Credit score from Day 1 and a line of credit for initial expenditures. A good credit score will allow them to get Home and Car loans faster and at lower interest rates. Some employers, companies or accommodation providers may ask you for a mandatory credit report before giving you a job, service or accommodation, respectively. Zolve does not need an SSN number, but US banks and companies may ask for an SSN number to issue a Credit Card or open a Bank account. They use the India-CIBIL score to check the credibility and give you the Credit limit.

With Zolve, you can apply for a US Bank account and Credit Card in India and get your physical card delivered to your US address within 7-10 days. An exclusive offer, you will also get a free sim card with 1-month validity for opening a Zolve account. Apply now for Zolve Credit Card through Abroad Cube and get a Free SIM Card and Rs 500 cashback.

Why use a Zolve USA Credit Card?

No Annual fee
Zolve does not charge any upfront annual fee or transaction fee
Apply in India
No SSN required. Get the card on arrival in the US, building your credit score from day 1
Super secure
Lost your card? Block/unblock your card from your app
International card
An international card that works in India & US with no foreign transaction fees
Amazing rewards
Zolve offers up to 10% cashback on leading brands & merchants
High credit limit
Zolve offers up to $10,000 credit limit based on CIBIL score

How Credit Score matter to me?

Limited access to various credit products without good credit score
Cannot get a postpaid phone plan without good credit score
Higher down payment & interest rates for loans
Higher premiums on Car & Health insurance
Higher lease rental deposits for accommodation
Many employers check credit scores before offering a job

Free Student SIM Card

We have teamed up with Zolve to provide a free student sim card with US Credit Card and Bank account as an exclusive offer. The SIM card has with 1-month validity and includes

  • Unlimited calls to India
  • Unlimited domestic calls
  • Unlimited SMSs
  • 4GB internet data

Documents required for US Credit Card

The Zolve Credit card can be applied using PAN Card in India without having a US SSN number. Here is the small list of documents you will need.

  • Passport
  • Valid Visa
  • Admission/Offer Letter from University/College
  • PAN Card

Get started with
USA Credit Card
in 4 easy steps.

Get your Free US Credit Card and Bank account, build your credit score and earn unlimited cashback.
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Register for Free US Credit card on our website and upload basic documents
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Free SIM Card

Post verification, the Student SIM card will be delivered to your doorstep in India.
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Activate your Credit Card and get it delivered within 7-10 days at your US address.
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Spending & Cashback

Spend on your Credit Card and earn up to 10% cashback from leading brands.

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