ACT Exam - Eligibility

The ACT organization doesn't set specific eligibility criteria for the ACT exam. Anybody above the age of 13 years can appear for the ACT exam. Students who complete their senior secondary education can take the ACT entrance exam to get admitted to their desired university worldwide.

A student can attempt the ACT exam 12 times in a lifetime. To get admitted to the best universities in the US, students need minimum scores of 32-33 out of 36.

ACT score required by Universities

Studying in the US is very demanding as it demands good academic scores and high scores in the international exam you’re attempting. Here we are talking about the ACT exam students take to get admitted for undergraduate courses in the US. Some of the top-rated universities in the US are:

University ACT Score
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) 34-36
Stanford University 32-34
Harvard University 33
California Institute Of Technology 35-36
University of Chicago 34-36
University of Toronto 29-34
McGill University 26

These scores are estimated on past results and exact score depends on choosen program

ACT for people with special requirements

The ACT gives equal opportunities to both abled and disabled students to attempt the ACT exam. Accommodations for disabled students are approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students with disabilities need to submit valid documents of disability and a history of the accommodations required earlier. To get special accommodation facilities, students need to prove their disability and the accommodations required for that disability. Student needs to upload a written prescription from a qualified professional doctor who is treating their disability, and that written prescription must contain the following content:

  1. Name of the disability
  2. The current stage of the disability
  3. Describe the problems caused by the disability and the history of required accommodations.
  4. Describe how providing accommodations will help the student while attempting the test
  5. The written prescription must include the dates of diagnosis.
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