ACT Exam - Exam Pattern

The ACT exam lasts a 2-hour 55 minutes without a writing section and 3 hours 35 minutes with a writing section. There are a total of 215 questions distributed in four modules. Students can also get two breaks each of 10 minutes, one after solving the English and mathematics sections and another after solving the reading and science sections. The second break is valuable only if you are attempting a writing section. The breaks in ACT exams are not optional. Here is a briefly discussed exam pattern of the ACT.

Module Time Contents
English 45 mins In this module, a student has to show the ability to understand the passages and solve 75 multiple choice questions distributed in five passages, fifteen (15) in each in a limited time.
Mathematics 60 mins In this section, students are tested for the calculations they studied in the previous classes. Students get 60 multiple-choice questions. It's estimated to be one minute on one question.
Break for 10 minutes
Reading 35 mins In the reading section, students must read, understand four passages and answer the questions. Each passage has 10 questions.
Science 35 mins In this section, students' scientific skills are evaluated by answering 40 questions based on physics, chemistry & biology.
Break for 10 minutes
Writing 40 mins This section has one essay writing question a student must write within 40 minutes. Students must show their understanding and writing skills by expressing their thoughts and ideas on the statement.
Landmark Outline