SAT Exam - Syllabus

The syllabus for the SAT exam includes introductory courses in English and Mathematics that a student has already studied during their school years. The test measures the student's reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Here is a brief description of the syllabus:


English is divided into two sections (a) Reading and (b) Writing

Module Format
Reading In the reading section, you will get 27 short passages to read and answer within 32 minutes. Each passage has 25-150 words. So, every question has a separate text associated with it. Passages can be from literature, history or social studies, humanities, and science. Reading passages and answering all the questions within 32 minutes requires a lot of practice.
Writing In the writing section, you will be given several short passages and solve multiple-choice questions based on these paragraphs by identifying errors, grammatical usage, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, etc. The applicant has to answer 27 questions in 32 minutes. Each paragraph will have one question, or a pair of paragraphs will have only one question.

Here are the content domains and the number of questions you can expect in English modules of Digital SAT.

Module Format
Craft & Structure 13-15 Questions
Information & Ideas 12-14 Questions
Standard English Conventions 11-15 Questions
Expression of Ideas 8-12 Questions


The Mathematics section evaluates the ability of a candidate to solve mathematical problems by using calculators, analyzing data, and understanding reasoning problem questions. Generally, questions in the mathematics section are from four sectors:

  • Heart of algebra
  • Problem-solving and data analysis
  • Passport to advanced math
  • Additional topics in math

The question might be a multiple-choice or student-produced response (fill in the blanks). On the rough estimation, 75% will be MCQs, and the rest, 25%, will be SPR. Mathematics is divided into two sections (a) module-1 and (b) module-2.

Module Format
Algebra 13-15 Questions
Advanced Maths 13-15 Questions
Advanced Maths 5-7 Questions
Geometry and Trigonometry 5-7 Questions

Calculators are available for the entire mathematical section, and candidates can use calculators to solve the questions.

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