CELPIP Exam - Exam Pattern

There are four sections in CELPIP General test: Reading, Listening,writing, and speaking


Task Questions
Practical Task 1
Reading Correspondence 11
Reading to Apply a Diagram 8
Reading for Information 9
Reading for Viewpoints 10


Task Questions
Practical Task 1
Listening to Problem Solving 8
Listening To a Daily Life Conversation 5
Listening For Information 6
Listening For a News item 5
Listening To a Discussion 8
Listening To a Viewpoint 6


There are two tasks in Writing module, where first task is about writing an email and second task, you have to respond to a survey.

Task Questions
Writing an Email 1
Responding To Survey Question 1


In Speaking module of CELPIP, there are 8 tasks and 1 practice task. You will get 15-20 minutes in total.

Task Questions
Practical Task 1
Giving Advice 1
Talking About a Personal Experience 1
Describing a Scene 1
Making Prediction 1
Comparing and Persuading 1
Dealing With a Difficult Situation 1
Expressing Opinions 1
Describing an Unusual Situation 1

Unscored Questions

It has been seen that some unscored questions are posted in the Reading and Listening section of the CELPIP Exam. If the test-taker gives the correct answer to an unscored item, then no marks will be given. It is always suggested to answer all the questions because unscored questions are not recognizable.

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