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TOEFL Overall Band Calculator

TOEFL is a standardised test designed to check the student's ability to understand English. TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. The test is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The test helps the students to improve their English writing, speaking, reading and listening skills to study and stay in an English-speaking country. TOEFL is accepted in various English-speaking countries, especially in the USA. Other than the USA, other countries accept TOEFL to measure one's English language proficiency, such as Canada, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc. The TOEFL test is of 2 types: (a) Internet-based and (b) Pen-paper based. In today's era, Internet-based test is most commonly used by students to check and show their ability. The test is divided into four modules:

Modules Score Range
Reading 0 - 30
Writing 0 - 30
Listening 0 - 30
Speaking 0 - 30
Overall 0 - 120

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TOEFL Reading Scores

The reading section has 20 questions, and students have to answer these questions in 35 minutes. The section has two long passages with ten questions in each passage. The difficulty level of the vocabulary in the reading section differs from authentic American news sources because TOEFL aims at an academic approach.

Unlike listening, reading also has raw scores converted into scale scores. Scale scores are the final scores. Students' Language Proficiency level depends on the scale score. Let's understand every level thoroughly with the help of a table.

Scale Score Level
24-30 Advanced
18-23 High-Intermediate
4-17 Low-Intermediate
0-3 Below Low-Intermediate

TOEFL Listening Scores

The section has a total of 28 questions and 36 minutes to answer the questions. The difficulty level of the section increases with each question. Scoring of TOEFL listening is done by converting raw scores into scaled scores. And each raw score carries one point, whereas 28 raw scores equals 30 scaled scores. The formula that converts raw scores into scale scores is

Scale scores = Raw scores / 28 * 30

Let's try an example. Let us assume a student got 28 raw scores by answering all the questions correctly. According to the formula mentioned above, his scaled scores will be:

Raw score / 28* 30, So, his Scale scores are 30.

Students' performance level is decided based on the scale score range. Let's understand the level of the performance with the help of a table

Scale Score Level
22-30 Advanced
17-21 High-Intermediate
9-16 Low-Intermediate
0-8 Below Low-Intermediate
Raw Score Scale Score Raw Score Scale Score
28 30 27 29-30
26 27-30 25 25-30
24 24-29 23 23-27
22 22-26 21 21-25
20 19-24 19 18-23
18 17-21 17 16-20
16 14-19 15 13-18
14 12-17 13 10-15
12 9-14 11 7-13
10 6-12 9 5-10
8 3-9 7 2-7
6 1-6 5 1-4
4 0-2 3 0-1
2 0 1 -

TOEFL Writing Scores

The writing section has two tasks, namely:

  • Task 1 - Integrated writing task, and
  • Task 2 - Writing for an Academic Discussion Task

Students get 29 minutes to solve both of these tasks. Task 1, i.e., Integrated writing, gives students 20 minutes, and task 2, i.e., Writing for an Academic Discussion, gives students 10 minutes. Writing sections in TOEFL is often challenging as students must listen and read carefully to frame new ideas in a limited time—raw scores of each task range from 0 to 5. Eventually, the raw scores of both tasks range from 0 to 10. These raw scores are converted into scale scores for the final scores. The writing section is scored based on vocabulary, grammatical usage, task fulfillment, type of content written, etc. Let us see the conversion of raw scores to scale scores in a tabular form:

Scale Score Level
24-30 Advanced
17-23 High-Intermediate
13-16 Low-Intermediate
7-12 Basic
0-6 Below Basic
Raw Scores Scale Scores Raw Scores Scale Scores
10 30 9.5 29
9 28 8.5 27
8 25 7.5 24
7 22 6.5 21
6 20 5.5 18
5 17 4.5 15
4 14 3.5 12
3 11 2.5 10
2 8 1.5 7
1 5 0.5 4

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TOEFL Speaking Scores

In the Speaking section, the student gets four questions, namely:

  • Question 1 will be an Independent speaking task
  • Questions 2 to 4 will be Integrated Speaking Tasks

Every question differs from others, giving students different timings to listen, read and answer. The total time allocated in the speaking section to answer all four questions is 16 minutes. In the Independent Speaking task, students have to give their opinions based on school, work or other parts of their daily life. Whereas under questions 2 to 4, which are integrated speaking tasks, students have to read and listen to the given information in a limited time, and then they must answer the question or summarise what they had read and listened to. Scoring of the speaking section is based on the following:

  • task achievement
  • fluency
  • clarity of speech
  • grammatical usage
  • vocabulary
  • development of the topic

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