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TOEFL Exam - Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The TOEFL Test measures all four academic skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The below-mentioned exam pattern is as per TOEFL guidelines applicable from 26th July 2023.

The whole exam lasts about 2 hours, where 35 minutes is for Reading and 36 minutes for the Listening section. For the writing section, you will get about 29 minutes and 16 minutes for the Speaking test.


In the reading section, the test taker has to read 2 passages and answer 20 questions with 10 questions in each passage within 35 minutes.

Content 2 reading passages, about 700 words long
Total Questions 20 Questions (10 questions each passage)
Question Types Multiple Choice
Duration 35 minutes
Score Scale 0-30

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In this section, you will hear the long and short conversations in which they ask you single and multiple questions. The test-taker has to give the answers to those questions in 36 minutes. There will be a long or short lecture, and sometimes there will be a classroom discussion in this module where they ask you several questions, and you have to answer all of them. You will score based on correct questions.

3-4 Classroom Lectures (3-5 minutes each)
2-3 Conversations (3 minutes each)
Total Questions 28 Questions
Question Types Lectures and Conversations
Duration 36 minutes
Score Scale 0-30


Two different tasks are given to the applicant in the writing section, and you have to complete the writing section within 29 minutes. Furthermore, candidates must read a passage, listen to the recording, and give their answers. To get the highest score in this section, you must type your ideas with different sentence formations and words with minor grammatical errors.

Task 1: Integrated Task (20 minutes)
Task 2: Academic Discussion (10 minutes)
Total Questions 2 Tasks
Question Types Writing Tasks
Duration 29 minutes
Score Scale 0-30

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In the speaking module, there are four tasks in which you have to talk about a familiar topic very clearly and fluently. Few mistakes or lapses are acceptable by TOEFL as you are not a native speaker of English. There are independent and three integral tasks given to you, and 16 minutes are given to you to complete the speaking test; no extra time will be given to you.

Task 1: Independent Task (Express thoughts on Familiar topic)
Task 2: Integrated Task
Task 3: Integrated Task
Task 3: Integrated Task
Total Questions 4 Tasks
Question Types Speaking Tasks
Duration 16 minutes
Score Scale 0-30
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