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TOEFL Exam - Results & Scores

The maximum achievable score in TOEFL is 120 overall and 0-30 in each section. However, more than 20 in each module and around 90 overall is generally considered suitable for Admission to USA Universities. Moreover, the requirement varies on the program and the choice of University.

The TOEFL exam result is usually released 8 working days after the scheduled exam date, and the exact information is displayed on the test screen after the final submission. As per the latest guidelines, the test-takers will be intimated about their result status through Email and SMS notifications. You can always download your Test Report from your ETS account and may share it with Universities around the world for admissions to prove English language proficiency.

How to check TOEFL Exam result ?

Here is the short process to check your TOEFL iBT scores

  1. Open the ETS website
  2. Login using the registered Email address and Mobile number
  3. Click on 'View Scores and Score Recipients' on the dashboard.
  4. Under the 'My TOEFL iBT Test Scores', choose your last attempted test.
  5. Your score will be displayed on your screen.

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Sending TOEFL iBT Scores

The first four official TOEFL score reports are included in your Test Fee, and you can request the ETS to send them to the institutions and agencies of your choice. You can edit your recipients up to 10 PM one day before the exam date. Please note if you choose any institution or agency to receive your score reports, you will not be allowed to request the Speaking and Writing section review.

There are cases where the test-taker has to send official test reports to more than 4 recipients, and in that case, you have to pay Rs 1950 for each additional report through your ETS India account with the recipient detail. Depending on the mode, receiving the reports might take up to 4-12 business days. Please note sharing the unofficial test reports in PDF form does not incur any charge, and you should request official test score report only if explicitly asked by Universities/agencies.

TOEFL Module-wise Proficiency Level

Advanced High-Intermediate Low-Intermediate Basic Below Basic
Reading 24-30 18-23 4-17 0-3 ---
Listening 22-30 17-21 9-16 0-8 ---
Writing 24-30 17-23 13-16 7-12 0-6
Speaking 25-30 20-24 16-19 10-15 0-9

Comparison of TOEFL and IELTS Scores

Here is the comparison of your overall TOEFL score, IELTS bands, and CEFR levels.

CEFR Comments
118-120 9 C2 Expert
115-117 8.5 C2 Very Good
110-114 8 C1 Very Good
102-109 7.5 C1 Good
94-101 7 C1 Good
79-93 6.5 B2 Competent
60-78 6 B2 Competent
46-59 5.5 B2 Modest
35-45 5 B1 Modest
32-34 4.5 B1 Limited
0-32 0-4.0 A2-A1 Extremely Limited

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