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Duolingo Exam - Syllabus

Duolingo provides no specified syllabus for the DET exam as it is an English Language Proficiency Exam. However, you are advised to prepare and practice word spelling, listening conversations, read & understand the meaning of the sentences and write & speak about random topics. You must also be an analytical thinker, write about the scene of an image, and think about social issues.


Duolingo English Test comprises 3 sections: the Quick Setup, Adaptive Test, and Writing & Speaking sample.

  1. Quick Setup (5 mins), you will be instructed to test your computer/laptop's webcam, speaker, and microphone. The system will click your photo in real-time, and you must hold your passport before the webcam when instructed.
  2. Adaptive Test (45 mins) - In this section, you will have 45 mins and be given a different types of questions. The questions will test your listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills. The questions are interactive and include various ways to test your proficiency quickly. The questions are displayed in random order. The question types are
    1. Read & Complete
    2. Read & Select
    3. Listen & Select
    4. Listen & Type
    5. Read Aloud
    6. Complete the Sentences
    7. Complete the Passage
    8. Highlight the Answer
    9. Identify the Idea
    10. Title the Passage
    11. Write about the Photo
    12. Read, Then Write
    13. Speak about the Photo
    14. Read, Then Speak
    15. Listen, Then Speak
    16. Writing Sample
    17. Speaking Sample
  3. Writing & Speaking Sample (10 mins) - You will be given a topic for each writing and speaking part. You have to think about the subject as an essay and write about it. The same goes for the speaking part as well. Once you start the recording, you cannot pause or restart the timer.
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