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Duolingo English Test Result

The Duolingo English Test provides a detailed report of a test-taker's performance, including an overall score and subscores in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. The test results are available immediately after completing the test, and test-takers can access their results by logging in to their Duolingo English Test account.

  • Overall score: The overall score is reported on a scale of 10-160, with higher scores indicating Duolingoater English proficiency.
  • Subscores: The subscores for Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking are reported on a scale of 0-5. These scores can help test-takers understand their strengths and weaknesses in specific language skills.
  • Percentile rank: The percentile rank indicates the percentage of test-takers who scored below the test-taker's score.
  • Test certificate: Test-takers can download a certificate that includes their name, test date, overall score, and subscores. This certificate can be shared with universities or other institutions as evidence of English language proficiency.
  • Video interview: Some universities or institutions may require a video interview as part of the admissions process. If this is the case, the Duolingo English Test report will include a link to the video interview recording.

It's important to note that each institution may have specific requirements for Duolingo English Test scores, so test-takers should check with the institution they are applying to for their minimum score requirements.

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Duolingo English Test Subscores

The Duolingo English Test provides subscores and the overall score for a more detailed assessment of a test taker's English language proficiency. These subscores measure specific language skills and are reported on a scale of 10-160 with increments of 5.
  • Literacy: This subscore tests your ability to read and write.
  • Comprehension: This subscore tests your ability to listen and read
  • Conversation: This subscore tests your ability to speak and listen
  • Production: This subscore tests your ability to write and speak

The subscores can be helpful for universities and other institutions to evaluate a test-takers strengths and weaknesses in specific language skills. It can also benefit test-takers to identify areas where they may need to focus their language-learning efforts.

It's important to note that while the subscores provide valuable information, the overall score is typically the most crucial factor in determining English language proficiency for university admissions or other purposes.

Duolingo English Test Sample Certificate

A Duolingo English Test certificate includes the following information:

  • Test-taker's name: The certificate includes the name of the person who took the test.
  • Test date: The certificate includes the date on which the test was taken.
  • Test score: The certificate includes the overall score the test-taker received on the Duolingo English Test. This score is reported on a scale of 10-160.
  • Subscores: The certificate includes subscores for Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, which are reported on a scale of 0-5.
  • Validity period: The certificate includes the validity period during which the test score is considered valid for admission to universities or other institutions.
Sample Result

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Duolingo to IELTS, TOEFL & CEFR

Since the Duolingo Exam is new, many universities and colleges have only published minimum IELTS, and TOEFL score requirements. Many people are unfamiliar with Duolingo, so you can see the table below to check the Duolingo equivalent score in IELTS and TOEFL. You can use a Calculator to Convert your Duolingo Score into IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and CEFR.

160 8.5 - 9 120 C2
155 8 119 C2
150 8 117-118 C1
145 7.5 113-116 C1
140 7.5 109-112 C1
135 7 104-108 C1
130 7 98-103 C1
125 6.5 93-97 B2
120 6.5 87-92 B2
115 6 82-86 B2
110 6 76-81 B2
105 6 70-75 B2
100 5.5 65-69 B2
95 5.5 59-64 B1
90 5 53-58 B1
85 5 47-52 B1
80 5 41-46 B1
75 4.5 35-40 B1
70 4.5 30-34 B1
65 4.5 24-29 B1
10-60 4 0-23 A1-A2
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