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IELTS Result Timelines

IELTS Computer-Delivered Test has the fastest result system; a test taker gets their result within 3-5 days after their test date. This timeline is the same for both Academic & General and Regular & UKVI test formats.

The IELTS Pen-and-Paper Based in India result is published on their website at 05:30 am on the 13th day after the test. After that, you can expect your official test scores via courier in 5-7 days, depending on your location.

IELTS Life Skills exam results will be published online at 05:30 am IST on the 7th day after the test. They will send your official test scores via post after that.

The IELTS official test report will be delivered through Bluedart within 7 days after your online results. It might be delayed depending on your location.

Module Scores

  • Reading: The IELTS Reading test contains a total of 40 questions, and each question carries 1 mark. You will be given 1 mark for each correct answer. The IELTS academic reading section contains text with a more complex vocabulary and greater complexity of sentences. It would be best to focus on broad vocabulary knowledge for a high band score.
    39-40 9.0 37-38 8.5
    35-36 8.0 33-34 7.5
    30-32 7.0 27-29 6.5
    23-26 6.0 19-22 5.5
    15-18 5.0 13-14 4.5
    10-12 4.0 8-9 3.5
    6-7 3.0 4-5 2.5
  • Listening: The IELTS listening test contains a total of 40 questions and each question carries 1 mark. You will be given 1 mark for each correct answer. There is no negative marking in this section, but you have to write clearly as an uncleared or overwritten answer may not be checked. Scores are reported in the whole and half band.
    39-40 9.0 37-38 8.5
    35-36 8.0 32-34 7.5
    30-31 7.0 26-29 6.5
    23-25 6.0 18-22 5.5
    16-17 5.0 13-15 4.5
    10-12 4.0 8-9 3.5
    6-7 3.0 4-5 2.5
  • Writing: In this module, there are two tasks, each of 5 marks. You have only one hour to complete this part, and the examiner will give you bands based on Coherence and cohesion, Grammatical range and accuracy, formation of sentences
  • Speaking: The test-taker can get a good band score in speaking based on Fluency and coherence, Pronunciation, Grammatical range, accuracy, and lexical resources

How to check IELTS Result ?

Generally, there are two options to check your IELTS result.

  1. Using Login Credentials
    1. Login to your IELTS account using your username and password
    2. The screen will display your previous IELTS test scores and the option to download TRF.
  2. Using Passport Number
    1. Open the IELTS Result page
    2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Passport number.
    3. Click on the Get Results button, and all your results will be available on your screen.



The IELTS CEFR (Common European Framework References) is an international standard for describing the language ability of a candidate. It measures students' language skills from A1 (Beginners) to C2 (Advanced). This is a scale with six different levels as the CEFR level IELTS is very different from each other because Cambridge Assessment English decide to make the correlation between IELTS score and CEFR fluency.

Here is the comparison of both CEFR and IELTS

8.5 - 9.0 C2
7.0 - 8.0 C1
5.5 - 6.5 B2
4.5 - 5.0 B1
0- 4.0 A2 & A1

IELTS Enquiry on Result

Suppose you are sure about your performance in the exam and cannot get the desired band score. In that case, you can fill out EOR (Enquiry On Result) by visiting the online section or at the IDP office. You must pay up to INR 12,000 and wait at least one month for the EOR to be completed. Once your bands have improved in EOR, your fee of EOR will be refunded to your account within 20 days. Suppose your result will remain the same after rechecking. In that case, you will not get a refund as per the rules and regulations of IDP. So it is recommended to all students that you fill out EOR only when they are sure about your performance.

IELTS Exam Booking

IELTS Exam Booking

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