GMAT Exam - Eligibility

To be eligible for the GMAT exam, a student,

  1. must be above 18 years of age
  2. have a valid passport
  3. intending to study masters

However, there are no restrictions on the max age of the applicant or the nationality. Due to its difficulty level, most students prefer preparing for the GMAT during the final year of their Bachelor's. 

Universities like Harvard, Stanford, and INSEAD prefer students with 700+ scores. So, those who score 700+ out of 800 in the GMAT exam have a high chance of getting admission to a better university. A student can attempt the GMAT exam only eight times a lifetime and five times a year. 

GMAT Score required by Top Universitiess

  • Business schools in the US
    Every student's dream is to study in well-reputed universities in America and every top-notch university in the US to demand the best score for the GMAT exam, i.e., above 729 out of 800. Top universities like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Dartmouth, and MIT require 720+ scores for admission. Among these top universities in the US, Stanford's GMAT score is the highest. 
  • Business schools in Canada
    Canada is the best for work experience and studies. Universities higher up on the hierarchy of prestige tend to have higher scores. It would help if you had a minimum score of 650-690 to get admission to the best business universities. Higher GMAT scores help to get access to standardized business schools in Canada. Here are a few top-graded business universities in Canada: McGill University, the University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, York University, etc. 
  • Business schools in the UK
    The UK has always been well-known as its study destination because of its well-reputed and oldest universities like the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London, etc. Thus, the UK is the leading representative for the most esteemed universities in the world. The UK is also famous for its MBA courses. Therefore, the GMAT exam is mandatory to pursue an MBA to match the eligibility and ability criteria. Some of the first-class business schools in the UK are as follows: London Business School requires a minimum of 600 GMAT scores. ESCP Business School requires a minimum of 687 scores, and the University of Cambridge demands a minimum average score of 638.
  • Business schools in Australia
    To study in Australian business schools, an individual needs consistent academic scores and good GMAT scores. MBA in Australia is generally a 02-year course, but some universities offer 01 years of MBA. A student needs 550 to 600 average scores on GMAT to study in Australia. Some top-level business universities in Australia are The University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales, The Australian National University, and RMIT University. 

GMAT with Special Requirements

GMAC conducts the GMAT exam and provides equal opportunity to students with disabilities. GMAT, with unique requirements, is for students with disabilities. Students who believe that they can't attempt the GMAT exam under certain conditions because of their disability can take the GMAT exam with special requirements. GMAC needs to understand how one's disability is affecting their current body functioning, so to prove your disability, students must upload the following documents while registering for the GMAT exam:

  1. A precise DSM-IV diagnosis.
  2. An indication of the severity of the functional impact of your disability in academic settings and other life realms.
  3. A brief description of treatments, medications, supports, and accommodations.
  4. A statement as to what accommodations your evaluator believes are appropriate for you.
  5. Medications documents.
  6. Documents regarding the need for a current evaluation.

Note:: A licensed medical professional with expertise in the assessed area should approve all the documents.

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