GMAT Exam - Fees

Starting 1st April 2023, the fee for GMAT at a Test Center in India is US$275 and 18% GST, equivalent to ₹26,750 (approx). If you attempt GMAT online, it will be US$300 + 18% GST. You have to pay additional charges for Rescheduling, Cancellation, Enhanced Score Reports, Additional Score Reports, etc. Here is an overview of the GMAT fee structure
Fee for Test Center GMAT Online GMAT
GMAT Exam Fees US$324.5 US$356
Enhanced score report $35.4 NA
Additional score report $41.3 each $41.3 each
GMAT score cancellation $29.5 NA
Reinstate GMAT score $59 NA
AWA Rescoring $53.1 $53.1
Includes 18% GST

In case you missed the exam date, there is no refund applicable. So, you should reschedule or cancel your exam at least 24 hours in advance.

Methods of Payment

In India, GMAT accepts payments in USD through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Discover network cards. Before initiating a payment, please ensure you have activated International Transactions on your card with minimum ₹30,000 limits. Your bank might charge additional charges for International usage (~4.13%) in addition to TCS.

Rescheduling GMAT exam

If you have to reschedule your GMAT exam for any reason, such as Medical or personal, you can do it by paying a rescheduling fee depending on the period left. Here is the fee structure for rescheduling the GMAT exam

Time Period Test Center GMAT Online GMAT
More than 60 days US$55 US$60
15-60 days US$110 US$120
14 days or less US$165 US$180
Process to Reschedule GMAT exam
  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Select the GMAT exam you want to reschedule.
  3. Choose the new exam date according to your convenience.
  4. Review your new GMAT application and verify your details.
  5. Accept all the terms and conditions of the GMAT exam.
  6. Pay the rescheduled fee. Reschedule fee depends on the time between the GMAT exam and the day you are rescheduling your exam.

Cancellation of GMAT exam

The GMAT exam can be canceled once scheduled, but you must pay a cancellation fee depending on the time. Here is the fee structure for GMAT exam cancellation

The cancellation fees will be deducted from the total fees paid, and you will get a refund of the excess amount. For example, if you booked a Test Center GMAT and canceled it more than 60 days before the exam date, you will get a US$165 refund.

Time Period Test Center GMAT Online GMAT
More than 60 days US$110 US$120
15-60 days US$80 US$90
14 days or less US$55 US$60

Please note, If a test-taker tries to re-schedule or cancel their GMAT exam within 24 hours of the exam scheduled date, they will not get any refund

Process to Cancel GMAT exam
  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Once you log in, you will see my account section. Under my account section, go exam section and select the GMAT exam you want to cancel.
  3. You will see two options in green color Reschedule and Cancel. Click on cancel.
  4. After clicking on Cancel, the refund page will appear. You will get a refund depending on the time of canceling the exam.
  5. Now, click on Confirm Cancellation.

Additional Score Reports

When sending your GMAT scores to Universities for admission, you can send up to 5 reports for free. Additional score reports attract a charge of US$35 + 18% GST, equivalent to ₹3450 in INR.

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