Increase in UK Visa Fees starting 4 October

22 Sep 2023
Increase in UK Visa Fees starting 4 October | Abroad Cube

The Home Office of the United Kingdom has confirmed that there will be a hike in application fees of 15% for most of the Visit and Work Visas. For Priority Visas, Study Visas, and Certificate of Sponsorship, the price hike will be 20%. This visa fee hike is applicable to all nationalities, including India. 


Under the new Visa fee structure, the visit visa or tourist visa will cost GBP 115 (INR 11,800) for staying less than 6 months, and the student visa will cost GBP 490 (INR 49,900). 

Visa Category Current Fee New Fee
Student Visa £363 £490
Visit visa – up to 6 months £100 £115
Working Holiday £259 £298
Short-Term Study Visa £200 £200
Post-Study Work / Graduate Visa £715 £822
Priority Visa Service (3-5 days) £250 £500
Super Priority Visa Service (1 day) £956 £1000


Why did the UK hike the Visa Application Fees?

As per the statement given by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in July, the increased visa fees will contribute over GBP 1 Billion. It plays an important role in the ability of the Home Office to run a sustainable Immigration and Nationality System. It will help reduce the burden of Immigration on British Taxpayers and continue being attractive for people across the globe to work and support broader prosperity. 


When will the new change will be in effect?

The new visa fees will be applicable for all applications starting 4 October 2023. 


Immigration Health Surcharge

In the near future, the Immigration Health Surcharge is expected to increase for Students, Workers, and other Immigrants. As per the announcements made by the Home Office, the expected increase will be between 15%-20% for Student Visa. 

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